[SOLVED] Autoit Studio no longer working correct

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[SOLVED] Autoit Studio no longer working correct

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I have bin using it fore Months.
No problem's till now.
The output bar is suddenly gone, and i cant get it back. also a reset of all settings did not solf it.
And when i want to resize it by dragging the program screen boarders, i get the resize cursor and than the program stops responding.
I have to go to task Manager and force autoit studio closed.
But the thing i missed the most is the output bar in the lower right.
I wanted to take a screenshot of the resizing problem, but now that works correct again.
But still no output bar.

I hope some one can help me
Best regards

I have solved it, I had bin hitting f12 several times and then i got the bars back again. What the cause was, i do not know..