Compile Project - Can't overwrite file (Resolved)

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Compile Project - Can't overwrite file (Resolved)

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So interesting one, I had a compiled exe in the project (not release) directory. With that in there the release exe was not being updated. Once I deleted that from the project directory compile and copy to release directory worked as expected.

A problem has started with my compile. For some reason studio can't seem to overwrite the compiled exe once completed the first time. No error is thrown but I noticed code changes were not flowing through to the compiled exe.

I doubt this is an issue specific to studio but I am hoping you can offer some insight, I have been fighting this for an hour...


I have set the shortcut for studio with compatibility "run as administrator", no bueno.
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Re: Compile Project - Can't overwrite file (Resolved)

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Maybe you have insufficient rights to your project folder? Or an AV (Anti Virus) check´s the exe that it can´t overwrite the file? (something litke that...)