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Small fix needed

Verfasst: Fr 19. Aug 2016, 16:58
von redrocker1988
In FormStudio when you create controls like combo boxes we need the ability to create a default value.



In the above example the code generated I should be able to put data between the " " in GUICtrlCreateCombo("",103,20,150,21,-1,-1) to create a default text that will display. Doing this with extracode does not achieve the desired effect. I can just generate a .au3 file and write the code in manually but that defeats the purpose of .isf files!

I really love what you have created and I know these are just minor things and can be worked around but just mentioning something to make it more effective. Thanks and keep up the good work. Looking forward to future builds!

Re: Small fix needed

Verfasst: Mo 28. Nov 2016, 13:21
von ISI360

Sorry for the late answer...

Yes, currently this is only possible via extracode. Insert your whished default value as 3rd parameter of GUICtrlSetData:

In the generated should look like this:

This sould work! ;)

PS: Maybe there comes an extra flied for this in a upcoming version...