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compile idea...

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Hi and thanks for creating ISN, it has helped me hugely with the GUI aspects of AutoIT

One feature request is that when compiling a project, instead of removing all previous releases in the Release folder is it possible to create the folder according the the project version and maybe a setting somewhere to only keep the last x amount of releases, so it would be something like;

\Documents\ISN AutoIt Studio\Release\Project Name\version\

This way you can go back to previous releases if needed?
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Re: compile idea...

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Thx for your feedback! ;)

In the next version 0.98 (wich comes in a few days) you have a area called "project settings". This area contains the old knows "compile settings" but now here you can define the direcotry path with some variables. (projectname, version etc.)

For example you define the Root (folder for finished projects) in the ISN settings and then in the new project settings you can define the path for the project. So you can define one "root" and for every single project the following path. Nice, or? :P