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Verfasst: Mo 3. Okt 2016, 07:37
von Krisly
Das Programm Autoit_Studio.exe in der vorliegenden Version wird von der aktuellen AVIRA-Version als Malware eingestuft und eliminiert.
Muster 'DR/Autoit.clja [dropper]'
in Datei 'C:\Temp\7zE0F8AA22A\ISN AutoIt Studio\Autoit_Studio.exe gefunden.
Durchgeführte Aktion: Datei löschen

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ing. Christoph Hagenbuchner


Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: Mo 3. Okt 2016, 08:56
von ISI360

Danke für die Info! Nur habe ich hier leider wenig Einfluss. Es trifft hier eher wieder die übliche "AutoIt Fehlalarm Thematik".
Infos dazu:

Mehr als die Datei zu Avira senden, damit diese analysiert und ggf. ausgenommen wird kannst du leider nicht machen. (Du kannst natürlich noch "per Hand" den ISN Ordner als Ausnahmen im Avira hinzufügen)

Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: Mi 24. Jan 2018, 15:28
von PCH
I know this is an older topic, but there is a much easier solution to dramatically reduce or stop the false positives.

Code Sign your files. I use Comodo myself.

The applications I prior wrote for work was randomly getting removed as virus's. I submitted them to and several different antivirus's shown that it was a virus. I then code signed my files and resubmitted them to and none of them showed a virus. I code signed all my files I wrote and I no longer have that issue.

I checked your files and they do not show that they are code signed.

If you are not used to code signing you can download DigiCertUtil.exe and use their program to do your code signing. It even works with other companies Code Signing Certificates.

Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: Do 25. Jan 2018, 18:27
von ISI360
Thanks for your info!

Yes that would be an option...but to sign a .exe you need an offical certificate. I remember way too expensive prices to them. (Or do you have some exaples here?)


Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: Mi 14. Mär 2018, 12:29
von PCH
Sorry for the delay. I just saw your message.

You only need a Digital Code Signing Certificate. They are $85.00 USD for a single year and it allows you to sign unlimited programs and projects.
I purchased mine at:

Although is is a lot more expensive if you go to Comodo directly, this company (like many others) buy them in bulk and sell at a huge discount. This is not only completely legitimate, but this company is linked directly as a Comodo re seller on Comodo's website. If you search the web you can also find discount codes for the site I listed above and save even more money.

All the projects that I digital sign the executable's on no longer show up as being a Virus. And I checked before and after digital signing files and the software goes from several false positives to no false positives.

I hope this helps you.

Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: So 18. Mär 2018, 14:28
von ISI360
Thanks for the Info!

I will check that!

Re: Autoit_Studio

Verfasst: So 1. Dez 2019, 15:09
von VonB
Leider verstehe ich English nur via Google translate... dennoch ein interessantes Thema