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 304 Bug melden / Report BugLow %filename% does nothing in macro Closed05.12.201928.03.2020ISN AutoIt Studio3 Task Description

Trying to use% filename% in a macro to compile the current script being edited.

if i do a messagebox and try to display it, from the macro, it shows only me% filename%


 302 Bug melden / Report BugCritical "formstudio.exe" identified as "MSIL/Spy.Agent.AES" tro ...Closed24.05.201901.07.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

ESET Endpoint Antivirus (Version7.0.2091.0) has detected "formstudio.exe" as "MSIL/Spy.Agent.AES" trojan.

The log :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <COLUMN NAME="Time">22.05.2019 08:48:24</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Scanner">Real-time file system protection</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Object type">file</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Object">D:\tools\isn autoit studio\data\plugins\formstudio2\formstudio2.exe</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Detection">MSIL/Spy.Agent.AES trojan</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Action">cleaned by deleting</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Information">Event occurred during an attempt to access the file by the application: C:\Windows\System32\CompatTelRunner.exe (14D0DE3FF0DBD983C1D146AA9316B3D90A41D5AF).</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Hash">C814998671ED57760AF3C23C729ACF6EAE9AA378</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="First seen here">4.05.2019 20:08:54</COLUMN>



 301 Bug melden / Report BugVery Low Selecting "Name of the project" on "Create new project" ...Closed04.05.201920.08.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

After writing name of the project in the relevant input box on create new project window, the written characters cannot be selected by using Shift + Left Arrow key combination. (While the same input can be selected by using Shift + Right Arrow)

I've realized it, when I wanted to copy what I wrote, first tried to select the project name after writing it.

 300 Bug melden / Report BugVery Low "Script tree" caption is shown as "Project tree" on eve ...Closed04.05.201907.05.2019ISN AutoIt Studio Task Description

After opening ISN Studio with any project, on the right hand side, "Script tree"s caption is shown as "Project tree" as well. Then, after "toggling script tree" from View menu, fixes itself.

It occurs every new opening of ISN Studio project.

 299 Bug melden / Report BugCritical Login Box does not open Closed04.05.201907.05.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

Using menu options "Bugtracker - Login" does not open any login input box.

297Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLowMerge Autosave and Autobackup?Wird bearbeitet / Processing28.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio Task Description

Why not merge the autosave and autobackup features together?

So it only autobacks up on a save or autosave,

And it only does a save (and autosave) when there have been changes to the file.

Then the backup would allow you to roll back any changes to any point in time…

This would also help when the program sometimes glitches and wipes your file to 0 bytes (I think this is when it does autosave? I have turned autosave off to check

The backup auto delete already in place would keep it from getting too large


This would also help when the program sometimes glitches/crashes and wipes your file to 0 bytes (I think this is when it does autosave? I have turned autosave off to check and will report back)


 296 Bug melden / Report BugLow When you do file save as, then enter a new name it does ...Closed28.10.201823.12.2018ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

When you do file save as, then enter a new name it doesn't save with an extension (or warn you!)

Perhaps inherit the previous extension (eg. Save as on au3 file saves as an au3!)


Also, when you open your project again later the tab won't open in ISN (because it is a fileless extension)
it instead will open up with Windows shell

295Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLowAdd a comment when ISN automatically adds a line to let...Wird bearbeitet / Processing28.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio Task Description

Add a comment whenISN automatically adds a line to let the developer know who changed their code

(eg. When it adds an include)

#include "addedInclude.au3"


#include "addedInclude.au3" ;Automatically added by ISN Studio on date time (Reason: File was added to ProjectX)

 294 Bug melden / Report BugLow When you delete a file the treeview resets to root of t ...Closed28.10.201816.03.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

When you delete a file the treeview resets,
doesn't maintain the folder you were in or selection
(was in editor mode at the time)

 293 Bug melden / Report BugLow When you right click, new in project tree still asks wh ...Closed27.10.201816.03.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

When you right click and choose new in the project tree with a folder selected, it still asks you  where to put the file, and forces you to browse:

 292 Bug melden / Report BugLow Function tooltip popup bug, looks to be doing a stringi ...Closed27.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

Bug the auto function tooltip matches the first match (it must do a string in string) rather than an exact match:

Here is an example where it matches "errorhander" to "error":

 291 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Add parameters to macros (eg. run external file) Closed27.10.201814.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

It would also be good to have parameters for the macros (similar to autoit wrapper)

Especially the one that runs an external file

Eg. %scriptdir% %scriptname% %windir% %outdir% %projectname% %project version%..........


I could then make a macro that changes the version of my project exe file on compile, to be the project version :)

 290 Bug melden / Report BugLow New Macro - cannot cancel once you have added an action Closed27.10.201820.08.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

Once you add a macro action to a new macro, you can no longer click cancel to close the window (even if you remove the action) unless you enter a name - and if you do enter a name it doesn't cancel, it makes the macro anyway!

 289 Bug melden / Report BugLow File tabs don't update with live file data when changed Closed27.10.201826.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

When my script edits/updates a file (eg. A text file) and I have that file open on an additional tab, the tab doesn't show the changes. (The tab showed an empty file, which lead me to debug my code for 15 minutes before realising it wasn't showing the live data)


Maybe even a refresh or revert to disk button in the file menu would fix this?

 288 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Navigation history tab (perhaps as a second tab on the  ...Closed27.10.201826.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description


So you can just back and forward through your previous positions in the script

(I get lost in big scripts, this would help me find where I was)


You could then change the alt + left and alt + right to instead navigate forward and back through your history of editing

Navigation history tab (perhaps as a second tab on the left panel)

So you can just back and forward through your previous positions in the script

(I get lost in big scripts, this would help me find where I was)


You could then change the alt + left and alt + right to instead navigate forward and back through your history of editing



Time date

File: Line number:

I guess this would be tricky, because as you remove and add line numbers the previous history

Would have to be adjusted accordingly

(if you removed a line above, subtract one, if you added one add one)

Ok, not that tricky :)

 287 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Auto Tool tip functions from UDF folders Closed27.10.201820.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio2 Task Description

Perhaps you could also have a feature to automatically tool tip any UDFs in the include UDF folder (here is the link to my script that does this that I use to do this internally, perhaps to get this feature started, however it would require some adaptation and testing and im sure you could make something alot better)

 286 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Search - replace in selection only Closed27.10.201803.10.2019ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description Have a button in the search window to replace in selection only (like in Scite) so you replace the matches in the highlighted text only (Perhaps also have a right click variable renamer that renames the variable everywhere in your script? Like in Visual Studio?)
 285 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Make search window smaller Closed27.10.201820.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio5 Task Description

Search and Replace window is way too big, and I can't see my code to see what I am replacing. Perhaps have an option to have a smaller window, with settings hidden (most of the time all you want is the search button) Have a toggle button in the window to switch between minimized search and full. If you look at the search in Visual Studio - its docks up the top right corner out of hte way and takes up very little room. perhaps you can use this for inspiration?

 284 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow An feature/icon to allow you to execute the selected AU ...Closed27.10.201827.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio3 Task Description An feature/icon to allow you to execute the selected AU3 file as the "main" (good for projects where I have multiple "main" AU3 files in one folder.)
283Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLowAdd a favorites section in the project treeWarteliste / On waiting list27.10.201814.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio Task Description

Add a favorites section in the project tree

 282 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Add a shortcut to open external file on the icon menu Closed27.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

Add a shortcut to open external file on the icon menu

 281 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Change default folder when opening external file Closed27.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description Open external file - it would be good if it defaulted to the folder of the current selected item (at least in edit mode, project mode I guess you would default to the project folder if you don't already)
 280 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Add Right click context menu - jump to function Closed27.10.201828.10.2018ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

Add the ability to jump directly to a function (even in an external file) by right clicking a function name then selecting jump to function

 279 Feature vorschlagen / Request featureLow Add Scite for AutoIT feature: Hold ctrl + shift + d to  ...Closed27.10.201826.04.2019ISN AutoIt Studio6 Task Description

Hold ctrl + shift + d to multiselect the highlighted item (try it on SciTE and you will see what I mean)

 277 Bug melden / Report BugLow Clipborad problem Closed19.09.201828.09.2018ISN AutoIt Studio2 Task Description Verison: 1.08 Problem with clipboard. I copy text from one tab to another, and after press CTRL + V was pasted text twice.
 275 Bug melden / Report BugMedium Issue with the "stripped" main script Closed18.03.201819.04.2018ISN AutoIt Studio2 Task Description


First of all, thanks for this great software, this changed my life working with AutoIt !

I have an issue with the main script stripping : I have one main script and 5 "slaves". the 5 "slaves" are correctly stripped as requested by my options : "#Au3Stripper_Parameters=/mo /so".

The main script is also stripped during the compiling, I can see briefly the file, but at the end, the file is removed. Did I missed something in the parameters ? is it by purpose ?




 258 Bug melden / Report BugLow Ctrl + Z, clears all input in gui Closed04.06.201718.07.2017ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

If I have a large project, and hit Ctrl + Z upon the first hit the screen goes all blank, and I have to hit Ctrl + Z again to get the text back, some times i have to hit Ctrl + Z 3 times to undo one change.

 257 Bug melden / Report BugLow Hotkeys hang when several studios is open Closed04.06.201718.07.2017ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

If I have 3 or more studios open at the same time I have to spam the hotkeys (F5 / F7) (havn't tryed any others) to get them to work - some times I have to hit F5 5-9 times before the project starts.

 256 Bug melden / Report BugMedium Own includes don't get includede until restart of proje ...Closed04.06.201718.07.2017ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description

If including a new file, that's not createde as include within the studio, the include don't get loaded.

I normaly have an include folder within my projects, in that I usualy places images etc. (in base64 format), to hold the lines of my main code down.

But when using #Include <inludes\images.au3> the include file dont get's includede when using F5 (test) / CTRL F7 (Compile)

If I then closes the sutudio and reopens it, it works.

 255 Bug melden / Report BugLow Bookmarks in version 1.04 Closed09.05.201718.07.2017ISN AutoIt Studio1 Task Description


Love the ability to hit Ctrl-F2 on a single line of code, or multiple lines of code and "Bookmark" the line, is there a way to "go to" the next/previous bookmarks?   I believe that Scite uses F2 and Shift F2 to go to the Next/Previous bookmarks and Ctrl-Shift-F2 to clear all bookmarks.

Is there an option or setting somewhere that would allow the bookmarks to "stick" in a project so they would be there when opening the .isn file?

Thanks you,


 254 Bug melden / Report BugLow UTF-8 with out bom and ansi Closed26.03.201716.08.2017ISN AutoIt Studio5 Task Description


I often finde that the studion saves scripts in UTF-8 without bom, or in ansi even I have UTF-8 enable in settings.

Today I createde an include in the studio by file->create new file-> Autoit.au3 -> use as include

Copyed my code from the main script and pastede it info the new include, and saved it within the studio, when I checked the codepage it was saved in ansi??

Also when creating an temp script it's saved as ansi.

And I have other scripts that was startede in Ansi encoding, suttenly the changed to UTF-8 without bom, making the ACSII art I had in the scripts look wery funky :D




 248 Bug melden / Report BugHigh Studio uses a lot of ram, and cpu Closed10.12.201606.04.2017ISN AutoIt Studio5 Task Description

I now think I know why I have the save problem, from time to time As you can see in my screenshot here, the script is launched but not saved the studio uses a lot of ram, it spikes from around 800mb to over 1.5GB :o And the cpu load spikes from 01 to 13-15. I know that my code is quite huge, almost 4500 lines of code - but in SciTE I only have a ram usage of ~50mb Cheers /Rex

 247 Bug melden / Report BugMedium Don't save code when using F5 Closed13.11.201602.12.2016ISN AutoIt Studio3 Task Description

Sometimes it seems that the studio don't save/updates the code when using F5, so it's the "old" code that is launched.

 242 Bug melden / Report BugLow Test Closed13.06.201613.06.2016ISN AutoIt Studio Task Description


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